Jonas Brothers - Burnin' Up
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Jonas Brothers - Burnin’ Up

The Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice (Vocals Only)
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Vanessa Carlton - White Houses
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I miss you. I’ll never not meet you randomly on a street and resist the urge to greet you. I’ll never hide a smile when you’re around irrespective of you casually ignoring me or making gently your way out of my gaze. I’ll never not see you as I do; a person I adored spending time with. It’s as simple as you are willing to accept and as effortless as you’ll never be willing to understand: I like being reminded of the fact that you once shared something with me. I don’t know what was it that we shared; Nothing important, perhaps. And yet I’ll never not be content with having you shine out in some multi-demensional corner of my mind. It doesn’t happen often to me, you know…luxuriating in feeling blessed to have known a certain someone. It happened with you. Must I say: I let it happen? I don’t care enough to figure that one out. At any rate, you’re not to be held responsible. You did nothing; a text at 3 p.m, a random heart-to-heart while sweetly forcing me to miss the biggest part of that post-rock gig I was attending just to sit with you for a while on some random bench, a morning coffee at your place, some airy thoughts and many undefined feelings and I’ll keep you in my heart forever. No, you did nothing. I miss you precisely because missing you doesn’t make any sense.
Vampire Weekend - Diplomat's Son
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Diplomat’s Son - Vampire Weekend

that night I smoked a joint with my best friend,
we found ourselves in bed,
when I woke up he was gone.


Citizen - How Does It Feel
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