home, like noplace is there
maybe i'll talk to you tomorrow when i'm more myself. have a goodnight, love

gnight homie

Bomb The Music Industry! - Sort of Like Being Pumped
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I saw the sunset from the front of the J train tonight. The subway stopped and stammered and I couldn’t get my footing right. I tied my scarf for the walk home the sun went down by 5:45. But I saw the sunset tonight.

I saw the sunset from the front of the J train tonight. I saw an Asian boy staring out the window at the light. We didn’t see a single sunrise at 6:30 AM. It’s been a cloudy week and cold as ice. But I saw the sun set over the tracks tonight.

I saw the sunset from the front of the J train tonight. I took a couple pictures and the workers thought that I wa sn’t quite right. I see them every day,we all battle for a seat, it’s been a long damn week, we gotta rest our tired feet.

But I saw messages that say that life’s better than this. I followed it down to the ground and took a seat with the other stiffs I faced my weekend fright, looked forward to my Friday night. I let my worries burn like files inside the fire and lights when I saw the sunset.

Bomb The Music Industry - Sort of Like Being Pumped

Bomb The Music Industry! - Saddr Weirdr
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Bomb the Music Industry! - Saddr Weirdr

it’s hard to empty out my drawers
it’s hard to empty out my home now
i’m a vacant home for
the last work of a soul
gotta get drunk one last time

it’s gonna get sadder
it’s gonna get weirder
'til i'm gone, 'til i'm gone

it’s gonna get sadder
it’s gonna get weirder
until i’m gone now
it’s kind of what i want
but regardless, thanks a lot for
letting me stay on your futon


It’s one of those days, you know?


The Front Bottoms - Flying Model Rockets


The Front Bottoms - Flying Model Rockets



There are a million reasons to respect and admire Enter Shikari, and this is one of them. I’ve always hated VIP packages. They didnt exist in this scene when I used to go to shows. So glad Rou isnt afraid to be vocal about it.


i totally respect the thing you and em have going, please dont think that i dont. but if you werent with anyone i would probably talk to you more (off anon, duh) because youre one of the most beautiful and most wonderful people i've ever seen. i would even make the trip to see you, even if it takes days, because youd be worth it all and more. you are beautiful and you are wonderful. please dont let anyone tell you differently.

GOD y’all are being too sweet right now, fuck. but hey, regardless of my relationship status I almost always like making new friends!!! ain’t nothing wrong with new friends. I’m not always the best at talking to people and stuff like that but you seem like the nicest person, I’m sure we would get along.

(you can post this. im not really sure who its about. i think its subconscious feelings i have for someone rn) fire slips down my throat and my eyes are more tired than i can ever remember feeling before theres a fire in my chest threatening to burst out, turning my ribs to dust and burning through my skin i can't recall ever wanting to have someone as close to me as i want you

tbh I wish this was about me, this is rly nice. hope you have whoever this is about close to you soon, they (and you) should only be so lucky